"Because no Senior should

miss their Portrait Experience"

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OK, here's the deal. COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into all our lives. Where health, safety, and cost are concerned, it has taken from Class of 2020 Seniors: their Prom, Graduation, Grad Nite, and...Senior Portraits.

Now, my staff and I can't do anything about the first three, but we have figured out how to make your Senior Portrait Experience a fun, memorable, and safe reality, while presenting you with a beautiful collection of Senior Portraits.


COVID-19 has impacted Senior Portraits in two specific ways. Being enclosed in a small studio with a photographer, an assistant, and a hair and make-up artist, is...dangerous. And with so many out of work, and no one knowing when this will end, Senior Portrait's have become a luxury item that may not fit into many of our COVID-19 "budgets". That said, we have solutions that remove those issues of concern and allow us to create, for you, the most incredible Senior Portrait Experience possible.

We will bring our portable studio...to you! On your front porch or front or back yard, we will create the perfect setting for a "no touch", fun, exciting photography session, resulting in absolutely beautiful images of you to remember your Senior Year (and this "Shelter in Place" experience!) with, forever.


Yeah. Fuggetaboutit.

We will create this amazing, memorable, experience and present you with a beautiful collection of fully re-touched, digital image portraits for you to use in any manner you wish (prints, albums, social media, etc.), and, because COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with our economy...we're doing this all at absolutely no charge.


And we mean that. 100%. This program is NOT about business. It's about getting your Senior the incredible portrait experience and the beautiful, memorable collection of portrait images that should be a part of every Senior's year. Northern California Seniors and their families have been wonderful to me and my studio for more than a decade. This is our opportunity to give back.

Here's how this process works:

For safety issues, these sessions will not include a MUAH (Make-Up And Hair artist) at the session. We will provide suggestions to help you have your make-up and hair look their very best, which we will discuss when you book your session.

When you call to book your session, have about 10-15 minutes free, so we can discuss clothing, hair, make-up, jewelry, and how we will photograph your senior at your home. We will photograph your portraits outdoors; on your porch, in your front or back yard. Don't make assumptions about possible backgrounds at your home property. We are a very creative lot and, if necessary, carry backgrounds with us.


Your fully re-touched, hi-resolution images, will be emailed to you via a Google Drive file within 72 hours (or sooner) of your session (Accessible on any type of device - computer, phone, iPad, etc.). You may then do anything with these images you wish. We ask only that you download them onto a USB thumb drive (available for just a few dollars, almost anywhere) or other device as soon as you receive them. This will allow us to free up space on the drive for other Seniors to receive their collections.

So, if you're ready to have the Senior Portrait Experience you thought you'd missed and the beautiful Senior Portraits to memorialize this wonderful time of your life...grab the phone. We are currently planning to offer these sessions through May, and there are limited sessions available. So call...today!


Dennis Jones Photography